• our promise is to be one with
    mother nature
    and to deliver the best!
  • delicious & juicy
    fresh fruits & fruit pulps
  • exotic & exclusive tea
    hand picked from the choicest gardens in CEYLON (Sri Lanka)
  • pure basmati goodness
    in every grain of rice


Naturale is a flagship brand of Priya Global one of the largest and fastest growing Exporters – Importers - Traders worldwide where the product offerings contains an exhaustive list including everything from Food to Food Toppings and from Household to Health Care. Complementing to its own brand “Naturale” it carries many agency lines, acting as both exclusive and non exclusive agents for brands.

Everyone needs a source of inspiration, and we draw ours from nature that is, “Naturale”. Our product offering includes various varieties that are directly or indirectly influenced by nature. For us Naturale resembles the products in its most pure & real form. The Natural form!

We ensure that what reaches you is what you expected. For us it is like from Farm to Floor. Sourcing and introducing new innovative products has been a core of our development. And this is how our growth story is defined. For us “Naturale” is like believing in good quality & superior products offerings. Our brand “Naturale” emphasizes on promoting good health too. We assure you can rely on us for the quality at its best. It is ensured that all the nutritional values & components of the products remain intact. Our line of offering makes certain that the Nutrients should come primarily from rich natural sources. The product contains not only the vitamins and minerals that are often found in supplements, but also other naturally occurring substances.


We at Naturale started our journey to make clean and healthy food accessible to all. After years of experience in trading fresh produce, we have decided to grow our own.

We use hydroponic farming technology which translates to "water put to work". This eliminates the use of soil completely and thus the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals in it. Protected cultivation solves the problem of insect attacks and unpredictable weather.

Our produce goes through complete quality control right from the seed to harvest. We grow our plants in fully automated, hi-tech, and climate-controlled polyhouse. All our actions will be aimed at growing the cleanest and healthiest food with consistency in both quality and quantity. Providing an ideal environment for plants ensures that they grow to their highest potential in terms of appearance and nutrition value.

Our Products ranges from Exotic Salad Greens and Herbs to fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Working with nature and improving the quality of the food of our customers is what we desire!


“We have international reach with a grassroots’ focus’

We have consistently demonstrated various attributes – related to Product, Promotion, Price, Place, People, Process, Physical evidence and Technical competence, research effectiveness, deep-rooted relationships, and governance. We have envisaged tremendous demand for our products in emerging markets, like Asia, Africa, America, Europe and the Middle East as a priority for all is Health 1st. We believe that we can very effectively leverage our fundamental value proposition and understanding of categories that we excel in, to be leaders in these markets and thereby ultimately achieve our ultimate goal of our reach to customers’ hearts!